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  • Czech Republic

    Czech Please!

    It was a last minute decision and after some debate on where to go we’d made our choice. I’d just returned from 3 amazing weeks in Nicaragua, part volunteer mission part…

  • Czech Republic

    Returning to Bohemia

    In a few weeks’ time I’ll be off on a last minute adventure to the Czech Republic! This will be my third time visiting the Bohemian nation, but my last visit…

  • Iceland

    Adventure Guide to Iceland

    Iceland has always been high on my list countries to visit and when my boyfriend K and I finally went, we weren’t disappointed. I was surprised to find that this small…

  • Horseback Riding Iceland

    The Icelandic Horse

    The wind was wiping at me, pushing me, trying to unseat me. I could smell the moisture in the air as it started to rain for a brief moment. Then the…