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6 Reasons Why Lonely Planet Is My Favorite Guide Book

I love trip planning. I love planning my trips almost as much as I love going on them! I get a thrill out of reading about new exciting places and all the incredible things to see and do.

I do a lot of my own trip planning and rarely travel with a group tour. Sure I sign up for day tours and activities but usually I’m on my own schedule. Overall I research, plan and book all my own flights, accommodations and activities.

When I’m planning a new trip my favorite guide book to use is Lonely Planet. Dubbed the “travel bible” LP is full of useful information. Founded in 1972, it’s currently the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.

You’ve likely seen pictures of my LP guide books on Instagram as I usually post a picture of my next destination. I never leave home without it and find it comes in handy both before I leave and while I’m on my trip. Here are 5 reasons why Lonely Planet is still my go-to travel guide book.

1. The internet can be overwhelming.

With the internet at our finger tips I do much of my research online but I always start with Lonely Planet. I find if I go right to the internet I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of info out there and find it to be very disorganized. LP provides a bit of direction and a starting point for my research. Only after reading LP do I head to the internet to look up the hotels or tour companies listed in the book to get more info.

2. Lonely Planet has a little bit of everything.

Not only do these guide books list accommodations and restaurants but it also addresses logistics sure as the local currency, weather, vaccinations, tips for traveling as a solo female, traveling with kids and so much more. They even offer example itineraries of varying lengths and routes depending on your time and interests. With in depth info on each region of a nation and an appendix in the back (filled with the nitty gritty destination info) it covers literally everything.

My collection of Lonely Planet.

My collection of Lonely Planet.

3. They’re easy to use.

One thing I love about this guide book is how easy it is to use. Even better, every book follows the same format. Once you’ve read one LP you know what to expect and in what order for every other guide book. While they do update their books and change the format from time to time, generally speaking, every guide book will be set up the same.

4. The Variety

Lonely Planet does much more than produce a country guide book. They also have handy pocket size city guides (complete with fold out map!), their own magazine, children’s book’s, pocket size language phrase books, and every year they publish a Best In Travel Guide book. Did I mention their website? Basically, anything and everything travel, they got you covered.

5. The Maps!

I love maps. I studied geography at university and will happily spend hours analyzing every detail on a map. I like to know where I am and where I’m going. LP is full of maps, both for each region listed and many major cities. LP even sells pocket guide books that come with large fold out maps so you can take it with you for the day. Their maps as easy to read and well labeled.

6. They’re easy to get both in store and online.

LP seems to be one of the most popular guide books out there so most book stores will carry it. I’ve found LP’s in books stores all over the world, though they may not be in your language (depending on what country you’re in). But that doesn’t matter any more as you can also order any of their products online through their website or on Amazon. If you prefer to travel with a kindle, they have that too!

Lonely Planet Guide Books

Lonely Planet Guide Books


When it comes to trip planning Lonely Planet is my favorite guide book. It’s full of useful information, maps, itineraries and basically any info I need for visiting a foreign country. While I do rely heavily on the internet for my trip research, Lonely Planet is always my starting point. Simple and easy to use, Lonely Planet is one of the best guide books out there.


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