Exploring The Mighty Iguazu Falls In Photos

There are many stunning falls all over the world and Iguazu Falls, located in South America, is one of them. Sitting half in Brazil and half in Argentina, Iguazu Falls is an impressive site to behold. The region was declared a National park over 80 years ago and is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the widest falls in the world – 2700 meters in diameter – its actually wider than the impressive Victoria Falls, located in south central Africa. Due to its shape and formation however, the falls are not continuous over this 2700 m. Rather they are split into 275 separate waterfalls.

If you plan on visiting Iguazu I suggest setting aside 2 full days for exploration since it’s located in 2 separate countries. Each side is just as stunning as the other, but with very different view points. When I visited, I stayed in the Argentinian town of Puerto Iguazu which made for easy access to both sides of the falls.

The Brazilian Side

Looking at the Argentinian side.

Looking up the falls at the main falls called Devils Throat.

Exploring the board walks.


Looking into the Devils Throat which is the name given to the massive horseshoe at the very top of the falls.

The Argentinian Side

Just as impressive at the Brazilian side, but with different view points. Overall I found the Argentinian side allowed me to get a bit more up close and personal with the falls.

Walking out to the top of the Devils Throat.

Walking out to the top of the Devils Throat.

Looking into the Devils Throat.

Looking into the Devils Throat.

Critters Of Iguazu Falls

While exploring the jungles surrounding Iguazu Falls you may run into a few local critters! I saw various lizards, butterfly’s, birds and even the cute, but pesky, Coati. Watch you stuff because these mischievous critters will walk right up to you and steal what ever they can get their paws on!

Have you ever visited Iguazu Falls?

What’s the most impressive waterfall you’ve visited?

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