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Mishaps & Misadventures – Missed Connections & Cancelled Flights

As you all know things don’t always go according to plan when your traveling and sometimes there are little occurrences that set you back. It’s just part of the world of travel and a good reminder that you really have no control over what the universe throws at you. Flights will be delayed, mother nature throws a tantrum now and then, cultures clash and misunderstandings will inevitably occur. I’ve decided to start this little series of short stories and anecdotes of just such misadventures that I’ve experienced while traveling.

Arriving at the airport only to discover that my flight has been cancelled or that I’ve missed my connection always makes me groan. These hiccups happen all to often and are usually a huge pain for travelers, as sometimes you get stranded somewhere you never intended on being in the first place. Other times things actually turn out better than the original plan! I’ve been lucky enough to experience the positive side (yes, sometimes they are positive!) of these missed connections and cancelled flights.

Delayed Flight

When K and I were flying home from Iceland, our original itinerary was as follows:

Reykjavik –> Boston –> Toronto –> Ottawa

Unfortunately, our flight out of Reykjavik was delayed by over an hour, so by the time we landed in Boston we had 30 min to make our connection. This of course didn’t happen as we had to collect our bags and go through immigration, before re-checking our luggage and going through security again. So after immigration, we followed the group of other stranded travelers to the customer service desk, dreading the news that we would be abandoned in the city or re-routed on some god awful flights. To our great surprise and huge relief, we actually ended up on a better and more direct flight than our original itinerary! Instead of flying to Toronto and then Ottawa, we had a nice 2 hr layover in Boston (we were starving and got to grab some dinner), after which we would catch a direct flight to Ottawa. And the cherry on top was that we would be landing in Ottawa within 30 min of our original arrival time!

Cancelled Flight

On the way home from one of our snowboarding trips to western Canada, K and I found ourselves at the Vancouver airport (after flying there from Kelowna) with the news that our onward flight had been flat out cancelled. Our original itinerary was:

Kelowna –> Vancouver –> Toronto –> Ottawa

It was late on a Saturday afternoon and the airport was packed. Fearing that we very well might be stuck in Vancouver for the night, we cautiously approached the Air Canada customer service desk. The attendant informed us that we were already re-booked on the next flight to Toronto but then we’d have to wait until early the next morning to catch our final (and shortest) flight home from Toronto to Ottawa, as we would miss the last flight that night. This was not good news.

Not wanting to accept this, we did some research and soon discovered that there was a direct flight from Vancouver to Ottawa departing at pretty much the same time as our newly rescheduled flight to Toronto. We asked about this flight but were told it was fully booked, though we could wait on stand-by.

As luck would have it, both flights were departing from gates right beside each other and within minutes of each other. So while the flights began to board, we anxiously waited in the middle, not sure which plane we would get on. With only a few minutes left to board our flight to Toronto we were given the wonderful news that we could get on the direct flight! Much to our relief, we made it home at the same time our original (but cancelled) flight would have, and again more direct. Our luggage did not make the flight but we were going home so it really didn’t matter. The airport delivered our bags the next day right to our house. It was a small price to pay in order to avoid spending a night in the airport!

Not Going Anywhere Today

Last spring I was in Nicaragua volunteering for a week, after which I flew to Roatan, Honduras to become a certified scuba diver. On the morning I was to leave Nicaragua, I arrived at the Managua airport at the ungodly hour of 5 am to catch my early flight. I was to fly from Managua, Nicaragua to San Salvador, El Salvador, before continuing on to Roatan, Honduras. My layover in San Salvador was very short and I would be arriving on Roatan nice and early so I could catch a boat to the island of Utila.

Upon arriving at the Managua airport, I was promptly informed that my first flight to El Salvador was delayed and I would not be making my connection to Roatan. As a result, I would be stuck in Managua for a full 24 hrs and was told to come back tomorrow for the same flights.

This caused me to panic a bit as I had already contacted a dive company on Utila and was set to begin my scuba diving course the next morning! Being delayed a full day might interfere with my scuba course and not wanting to accept this, I asked about catching a later flight but was told that they only fly once a day to Roatan. The attendant said it was better for me to be stuck here in Managua and just do the whole thing tomorrow instead. I continued asking about any other flight or airline that could get me to Roatan today but told I was SOL (s*#! Out of Luck).

No flying today!

No flying today!

As I began to come to terms with this news and accept that I would have to delay my scuba course, the attendant handed me a hotel voucher as well as three meal vouchers that would cover all my expenses for the next 24 hrs. She explained that the airline would be putting me up in a hotel down the road, which included free transfers to and from the airport. I guess I could deal with hanging out at a resort for 24 hrs! Truth be told, I was a bit tired from my week of volunteer work and having this time to myself to relax and chill before starting a diving course was exactly what I needed. I spent the day enjoying the luxury of a resort, taking naps by the pool, catching up on some writing and in the heat of the afternoon, chilling in my beautiful air-conditioned room (I had not had any A/C during my time volunteering so this was a very nice luxury).

Not a bad place to be "stuck" for 24 hrs!

Not a bad place to be “stuck” for 24 hrs!

The next day I made it to Roatan without any incidents and my dive company was super relaxed about my predicament. I had contacted them once I found out I would be delayed and they said they would simply begin my dive course whenever I arrived. You gotta love the laid back attitude of the Caribbean!

What’s the worst or best flight delay you’ve encountered?

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