Czech Republic

Wandering the Streets of Prague – A Photo Essay

I have a confession to make: I’ve fallen in love. I recently visited the beautiful city of Prague (Czech Republic) and now all I can do is dream about the colorful buildings, timeless architecture and the narrow alleys leading to who-knows-where. I think I could spend a life time roaming the picturesque cobblestone streets and never see the same view twice. Every building shows off a different personality of color, facade and beauty, each one seemingly more eye catching than the last. I had a wonderful time wandering among these works of art, marveling at the architecture and intricate design that defines each building.





The cafes and shops that take up residence on the ground floor of most buildings seem out of place at times, as they belong to the now while the buildings themselves belong to centuries past. Sometimes I felt that I was walking through a man-made fictional replica, built just for the throngs of tourists. But then I’d remind myself that no, this IS the real, historical  Prague, it hasn’t been made to look like a fake movie set.


I’d often come across street performers playing music and mimes dressed up in costumes that looked to have come straight from the set of a Shakespearean play. The presence of these characters only added to and enriched my experience.

In my wanderings, I also discovered some beautiful canal’s that seemed to be tucked away and hidden from the crowds. These little gems were lovely surprises and offered some quiet serenity away from the noise and hustle and bustle that you find along the main corridors.



Taking advantage of the views offered by various towers throughout the city, I never tired of admiring this historical landscape from the sky. Just when I thought I’d found the best view of this red-roof top city, I’d head to the top of another tower only to have my breath taken away all over again.



I don’t think I would ever tire of wandering the streets of Prague and wish I could have stayed longer. For now I’ll have to settle for flipping through my pictures and day dream about this colorful metropolis. I know I’ll be back to visit again one day, to continue my love affair with this historical beauty.

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